80s Retro Shirts

You’ve probably noticed that wearing retro shirts is the latest thing. Everywhere you look you will see someone wearing one of those shirts. It might be a Batman shirt, a Mario Brother shirt or one of many many other ones. It seems if it was a TV series that lasted more than 10 minutes, it’s now on a shirt. A band that had a 1 hit wonder in the 80s, now has a shirt. Some silly catch phrase from the 80’s… yes you guessed it, it’s on a shirt! I have no doubt the reason for this is because they are trying to cash in on what they probably thought was already cashed out. Why not squeeze a few extra dollars out of the franchise.

Now you may think I’m making fun of them, but that isn’t true. I own a couple. They are generally pretty cheap, easy to find and all in good fun. They aren’t ones that you will keep for years and years, but are great just to throw on and enjoy.


Here are some of my favorites that I’d love to add to my collection…


Shirt 1


He-man was the first cartoon I remember loving. I had his poster on my wall and I remember buying the He-man show bag at the show. I use to carry around his sword yelling out “I have the power!”. Ahhh memories…


Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior

My favorite wrestler of all time – The Ultimate Warrior. When he ran to the ring I was bouncing around my living room as excited as I could be. When I see that war paint it takes me back to that time. His finishing move, the gorilla press, was pure strength. I don’t know how many times I tried it on my younger brother! Unfortunately the Ultimate Warrior is no longer with us as he passed away last year.


Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

My first “favorite movie”. What’s not to love about a kid morphing into a teen wolf and no one seeming to really care. He could play some great basketball too (my favorite sport). It was the start of Michael J Fox’s career. He had one of my other “favorite movies”, with Back to the Future. I would have picked that if this post was the “90s Retro Shirt”.


That’s just three out of many many different retro shirts you can buy with an 80s theme. The decade really did have some incredible things about it. Probably more than any other decade.

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Some basics on how a tee-shirt is actually made

So I’ve talked a bit about some tee-shirts I have and my obsession with them. Now let’s get down to some basics… How is a tee-shirt made? It has changed greatly over the years from traditionally handmade to mainly machines now. Here’s a quick breakdown of how they were made compared to today.



How it use to be…

Tee-shirts date back to early in the 1900s and they use to be made by hand. Fabric use to be cut by the use of scissors and hand stitched together also by hand (though this ultimately changed to the use of a sewing machine). A skilled shirt maker could make 30 plus shirts per day. Due to the nature of it being made by hand there were impurities in the shirt (missed stitches etc).


teeshirt factory

How they are made now…

There are two ways they are made now.

Some still do it by hand, but typically this is only done in third world countries in sweat shops and using poor material. You will know when you buy one of those shirts. They will fall apart after a week. Though they are cheap!

The second way is by machine. The main reasons this is done now instead of by hand is because it is cheaper, faster and with less defects (i.e. more consistent).

Making tee-shirts is a fairly simple and largely automated process. The two halves of the shirt are cut by machine from a roll of fabric (often cotton). The manufacturers machines then assemble and stitch the two halves together. The most commonly used seams for tee-shirts are narrow, superimposed seams, which are usually made by placing one piece of fabric onto another and lining up the seam edges. These seams are frequently stitched with an overedge stitch, which requires one needle thread from above and two looper threads below. This particular seam and stitch combination results in a flexible finished seam. For a very detailed look at how tee-shirts are made now have a look over here.

And while this makes tee-shirts more affordable for everyone, there is something special about having a one of a kind shirt, which comes when you have a handmade shirt. They are, however very rare. They are typically only associated with tailors for suits etc. I own a few different ones. They were expensive, but well worth it.

It think we will see a rebound in hand made shirts however as we all get sick of wearing the same things. We all want to be individuals and you can see that approach with the children of today. And ultimately children are the ones that drive the market.


There it is, a warts and all account of how they are made. But while I think it’s changed over the years for the worse, like Wartrol (the cure to fixing warts), I think we see more traditional methods used in the future and give us the joy of your very own unique shirt.

Hope you learned something today!

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Some designs I think would look great on Tee-shirts

Okay, so there are basically an unlimited number of tee-shirt options to buy out there, so you think I wouldn’t complain about not having enough options. But, well, I am, as there are some designs I’ve seen on other things that I think would look great on a tee-shirt.

Have you been cruising the internet and seen some street art or an emblem and said to yourself “I would love to be wearing something like that”. Likewise, maybe you’ve seen a product that makes you go “Man, I wish they had a shirt or jumper with that on”.

So to all you enterprises out there, here’s a couple of things I’d love to see on a tee-shirt.




I like it. It’s a simple message and the colors work really well. I love a shirt with a positive message and this one would certainly have that. The best countries I’ve been to are the happiest ones. They aren’t necessarily the ones that have the best sites or thing to see, but they are the ones with the happiest people. It’s actually fascinating the see which countries are the happiest. Here’s an article about it.



Smiling skeleton

I laughed when I first saw this on Flickr. How can something (a skull) normally associated with negativity look so happy and positive. The artist obviously wanted to show a positive message coming from a negative thing. I’m sure it would look great on a shirt. Maybe he was a Diamonds for Eyes fan (music band for those who don’t know).


bullnox bull

The Bullbox Bull

The Bullnox Bull is just one mean looking dude. After two ‘happy’ shirt suggestion I thought I would throw this guy in. How great would he look on a black shirt? Incredible. He lives up to his testosterone filled look that Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush are know for. The manliness of this design would be off the scales. It’s actually a proven fact that a shirt (or clothes) you wear can change your attitude in life and how you approach your day to day activity (article).


MJ Shot

Michael Jordan’s final shot

I’m a big Michael Jordan fan and watched it live as he hit this shot. I was jumping out of my seat. I love this color / black and white shot. It really has that feeling that while there is a so much going on, there was no doubt who the attention was on, who was the star, who was the hero. Just a great photo that would transfer great to a tee-shirt.


And that’s the last one for today. I have no doubt there will be a part two to this series. There are just so many designs out there that I like and know would look great on a shirt.



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Another Comfortable Purchase

Just like my last post I found myself wandering the malls again stalking another shirt. It had been a few weeks since my last purchase, so I was well over due. Now most men my age have their eyes out for the young ladies while out shopping. Not me. My tongue only hangs out of my head when I set eyes on a good shirt.

Here’s a picture of me from when I found my latest purchase.



Okay, maybe not that bad, but it was close. My girlfriend on many occasions has said I completely shut off when I find a shirt I like. We can be in the middle of a conversation and I will stop mid sentence because something has caught my eye. She will only be 2 feet away from me, but she might as well be a million miles. Something else has my attention! At least this time he didn’t need to worry, as I was shopping alone.  Just me, my credit card and a shopping center. A lethal combination if I have ever heard of one! Though research shows shopping with friends is generally worse, that’s not me. I have no conscious when I am alone!

Here’s a photo of my latest exploit sitting on my comfortable Saatva Mattress bed.


Shirt on Bed

I liked this one because I like dark colors (you will notice a theme in my posts). Secondly the emblem jumps right out at you. The reason for that is not just that it is eye catching, but it actually does (extra cloth to make the emblem 3D). It’s quite a thick shirt, so will definitely be for the colder weather (just around the corner by the way).


Sorry guys for it looking all creased, but I had been wearing it and I’m too lazy to iron it for you – lol.

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My latest purchase

Yesterday I was out and about. I made my way over to the mall, as always, to do some window shopping. It’s one of my favorite pastimes if I have a few hours to spare. Unfortunately it can be an expensive pastime. Today wasn’t too bad though and I didn’t have to dig too deep in my wallet. I only found one to buy and it wasn’t too expensive.

Here’s a photo of yesterday’s purchase.


New Shirt

Nothing over the top this time. I am generally not a huge fan of flags on shirts, but this one just melted into the shirt, which I liked. Flags have been popular for shirt designs for a long time, particularly the ever patriotic United States of America Flag. Sometimes people’s patriotism has been too much for schools to handle and they have even banned shirts with the USA flag being worn. I think this may be over the top in restricting people’s free choices in the world, but you also don’t want violence in schools either.

I’m also generally a fan of dark colored tee-shirts, such as this one. While this tee shirt design doesn’t have it, a lot of my shirts are dark color, but then the design is eye popping. The darker background makes it pop that much better.

I really like this shirt. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel more manly, like I’ve just had a shot of testosterone. It’s the sort of shirt that makes you walk a few inches taller, with your chest out. I know it is all in my head, but great clothing makes me feel this way.

I think I will christen it this afternoon when I’m off to the movies. Not 100% sure yet, but I think I will see Lost Girl, the latest by Ben Affleck. I read the book, so we will see if they have decided to follow it, or ‘Hollywood it up’ a bit.



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I have an Addiction – So I started a website

So my girlfriend has told me that I have an addiction. Not one of those nasty addictions! I love cool artwork, particularly when it comes in the form of on a tee shirt. I have way too many shirts. And some of them are really expensive. Put a cool design on a shirt and I will throw money at you. And because they are more expensive I like to call them luxury (or Luxe).

This website is dedicated to cool tee shirt designs (or things I think would look great on a tee-shirt). I’ll post different stuff that I hope you find interesting. Stay tuned I’ll start posting some real stuff in the coming weeks.

Peace out!

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